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Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc. was established in 1977 to provide statistical, data processing, and econometric services to the legal and human resource professions. Specializing in affirmative action plan development and litigation support, we provide a wide range of services. 

Dr. Charles R. Mann, President, is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association for excellence in the application of statistical methodology in the legal and regulatory communities; and for leadership in developing awareness and consideration of professional ethics in the practice of statistics. He is the author of the entry on Underutilization in the Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences and is a frequent speaker on topics involving the relationship between statistics and the law. His résumé with a list of cases in which he has provided testimony in the form of affidavit, declaration, deposition or courtroom presentation is available on-line. (Click here to view résumé. Click here to view testimony list.) 

Under Dr. Mann's direction, we provide a wide range of services including litigation support, expert testimony, EEO/AAP Census data reports, statistical surveys, underutilization analysis, economic loss estimation, and development of affirmative action plans.

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